ReDo Lists →

The following are user contributed lists that can be imported into ReDo.

Click on any of the lists below, and then use the Import button on the bottom right of the toolbar to automatically copy the items into a new ReDo list.

  1. House Hunting
  2. Rob’s Concert List
  3. Scrum Standup Meeting
  4. Canoeing
  5. Oxford Common Misspellings
  6. Capital Cities
  7. Car Accident
  8. Seven Times Table
  9. Business Trip
  10. Formal Event
  11. Beach Holiday
  12. Good Bad Day
  13. Picnic List

You can also use Safari on your iPhone to import bulleted lists you see on any web page. Simply select the list of items and use the built-in iPhone copy to clipboard option. Then switch to ReDo and use the Paste Items option to add the items to an existing list.

Alternatively you can email yourself a list of items (or use the iPhone notes application with iCloud), and then use the same copy paste operation to transfer the items to ReDo.

If you want to host your own list of items like above, you need to create an html page that has the same bulleted list of items. Each item should be in its own <LI> tag, and the list should be given an id=redoList.

Please Note: these lists are provided without warranty.