Our Mission…

Do you really need complicated processes and software to deliver what your customers want?

We want your teams to be successful, and we specialise in keeping things powerfully simple, with a mission to share that expertise with you.

I hope that we can add you to our list of satisfied clients, either by working with you directly, or providing useful information on this site.

How we can help…

Teaching Agile development requires patience and experience from mentors, as team members work through the differences of a new approach. While Agile methods are deceptively simple, there are a lot of tips and simple improvements that can make the difference between being a mediocre team and being an excellent one.

Pairing Picture

We can help your team by conducting a structured retrospective, offering presentations on agile techniques or actively working with them and offering “from the trenches” guidance and feedback.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail, or feel free to browse some of the papers we have written on agile, and agile techniques.