Pintside Thoughts
My Pint's Half Full These Days...

Having many different thoughts, on many different topics poses interesting problems... which idea's to actively pursue, which ideas to let brew, and which ideas are implemented and good enough?

My current work is updated on the Iterex Website, and these pages describe some of the projects I worked on before starting Iterex.

Ever since discovering eXtreme Programming (XP),and having created and worked on one of the first XP teams in the UK (Connextra) as well as now leading many teams through the process of both learning and doing XP, I have found that some of the ideas discovered along the way have produced interesting artifacts.

This is a place to share some of these:
  • Some of my early work in XP and Agile development revolved around testing and Test Driven Development (TDD). From these early experiments I co-invented what is affectionately called "Mock Objects".
  • While working with Connextra, and many teams at Thoughworks, I also came to realise the importance of Retrospectives, and have used this wonderful technique in numerous situations.
  • Finally, while working with many other teams, and explained the Agile process more times than I care to admit - I have found that the art of planning and tracking both iterations and releases is something that many teams find unnecessarily difficult. The simplicity of agile development lends itself nicely to light weight tracking, and always remembering that basing complex calculations on estimates does not give you greater precision.