For a long time this site was running on a “Joomla” one-click install. While this was an easy way to start out all those years ago - it was always supposed to be a temporary measure. The final straw for migration occurred last month when our ISP informed us that the version of Joomla we were using, needed to be upgraded.

Needless to say, the instructions and steps for doing this update - were long and tedious - ultimately leading to the question “why is it so complicated to maintain some information on the internet”?

Taking a step back, and questioning why we needed information in a sQL database, with numerous plugins all written in PHP - it became obvious that the static blogging movement has a sensible solutions to all of this. So after spiking out a few alternatives, I found that Jekyll seemed to have the right level of customisability along with a no-nonsense way to get started vis-a-vi, Octopress.

I will write about some of the things I’ve learned along the way. This said, it was reasonably straight forward to get started.