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An effective agile partner!

Responsive Consulting

For important projects you need to know what is working well, what needs improvement, and constructive steps to succeed. Tim Mackinnon provides years of agile experience, right at your fingertips.

Effective Coaching

Working with all kinds of teams, he teaches skills, discipline and the confidence to deliver amazing results under tight deadlines. Everyone has the ability to work well, they just need the right support and guidance.

Clean Code

You should also understand what “great” looks and feels like. It’s important to constantly assess quality, ruthlessly automate, and eliminate technical debt. Tim also writes software, and can share the techniques to stay on top.

Blast From the Past

While upgrading this website from Joomla to Jekyll, I came across a directory on the server which contained some old posts generated from Blogger. This in turn points to some even older posts that were created using an open source html editor called NVU.

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Hello Jekyll

I have migrated this site to a static blogging approach using Jekyll. So far, I’m quite impressed both with the “out of the box” experience of Octopress along with the ability to customise specific elements of the site using Ruby.

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Goodbye Joomla

For a long time this site was running on a “Joomla” one-click install. While this was an easy way to start out all those years ago - it was always supposed to be a temporary measure. The final straw for migration occurred last month when our ISP informed us that the version of Joomla we were using, needed to be upgraded.

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